I’ve been with Feeney since day 1 and I’m never leaving! I’ve been in all the big paid discord trading groups so I can confidently say he’s hands down the best. His hit rate is uncanny. If you want to make money and hold onto it, you’re in the right place.

Feeney’s trading service is the best investment community I am in. His algorithms produce results at an incomparable clip to other services, plus he teaches valuable strategies and shares market insight along the way. One “Clusterstruck” will pay for your annual subscription.
-Ryan Fante

An outstanding resource providing timely insight on when to take risk off and when to put more risk on. Glad to say being a member has protected my capital and yielded solid profits. Highly Recommended.

The only hidden gem you need in the crypto space is The Feeney Factor. Patrick’s mixture of trad-fi experience and AI signals have helped me grow my holdings and protect my profits since 2018.

I found out that Feeney’s calls were so consistently spot on that it was best to take them all and manage the trade. As a result, we traded $PLTR from $14 to $42 for a 200% ROI. I made so much bank on this trade that I was able to retire from my job 7 months earlier than planned. Truly life changing for me and I will be a member for life.

Among the best indicators I have come across and that too a leading one!!!! Should definitely subscribe if you are new to trading or even an experienced trader can add it to the checklist just to confirm before they enter a trade.

There are lots of influencers of CT that think they know what they are doing. They made money in a bull market and marketed the heck out of themselves. The difference is that Feeney actually knows what he is doing. His system has proven itself time and time again. He tells you when the market is bullish or bearish so you can adjust your position accordingly. Can’t tell you how many times that’s saved my portfolio!!

I am glad that I joined the Feeney Factor, there is no BS and no guess work – straight results with his algo’s he calls “Clusterstruck” and “Feeney Index”. So far, I have experienced 90% success rate of the “Clusterstruck” signals. Simple and also no stress of day trading, I can execute the trades with confidence. Great service and a very affordable subscription price.
-Nash King

Feeney’s “Clusterstruck” and “BBM” are the real deal for both equities and crypto.  The signals help you in your trading plan and gives you extra confluence.  Feeney shares his views and his amazing artificial intelligence “Clusterstruck” daily, if there is a signal to go risk on or off he’ll let you know and it’s spot on.  The service Feeney provides is a must for all traders.

I have never seen any investment algorithm work as well as Feeney’s BTC “Clusterstruck”. Feel like I am stealing money paying just $29 per month.

Been following Feeney for a while. I’ve always been the type to like to take on massive risk, so having someone who takes an algorithmic approach to trading and defines “risk on” or “risk off” has helped me keep much more of my gains. It’s very easy to make money in crypto, but keeping it is the hard part.

It is said that a “crystal ball” for investing cannot be done, but it seems like Feeney Factor has managed to build one in the form of an algo! It is extremely accurate compared to any other tool I’ve tried. He provides different algos/tools for stocks and crypto and sometimes you can combine them and they all seem to work extremely well. Feeney Factor will increase your rate of success by many multitudes, His monthly fee makes this service a no brainer! He’s also been in the industry for a LONG time, so he often adds much more educational value than just an algo!

Been taking Feeney’s advice for over a year now – re-upping after the initial year was an idiot-proof decision. Feeney makes it super easy to navigate the markets with his years of experience and meticulous indicators. Best of all, we are only in a position when the market says to be, that alone has saved and made me thousands through my time here.