At a minimum, you will get at least (2) stock idea’s a week, I have easily been averaging (5) ideas a week.  I am choosy, I use a lot of proprietary algorithms that allows me to get through 3,000 stocks and many Cryptocurrencies each day! I do not like to force ideas and I try not to drone on about them.  My former employers felt that if you could not explain a trade in less than 3 minutes – there is no trade.  I try not to inundate the Discord subscriber room with noise.  The durations of my ideas are mixed evenly over Short, Intermediate, and Long Term Trades. I let the market and my signals tell me what to do.  


I have invented many different algorithms. I have used them in real time for a number of years.  My intellectual property is not available anywhere else in the world.  I will share a lot of my knowledge with you, you will get my interpretation of my work and my own thoughts on Price Target, Stops, Directional calls, etc. behind my private indicators – when something is actionable – you will be made aware it. 

Algorithms to Expect

FeeneyEKG, CLUSTERSTRUCK (crypto-specific), FeenyOS\OB, FeeneyIndexer, etc. Check my Twitter Feed for these. I rely on a mixture of Fundamental, Technical, and Quantitative inside my process.  In special cases, I provide GANN Charts.  I will cover as many important names that I can, but have boundaries and limits to my time as my Discord grows.